Crockpot Spinach and Sausage Lasagna OR Veggie Lasagna

Yields: 8 servings per recipe



  1. Layer all the ingredients in the crock pot in the following order:
  2. Sauce, Pasta (Uncooked. Break the long pieces. It doesn’t have to look great :), ricotta, veggies, mozzarella, repeat.
  3. The final top layer should be noodles, sauce, and mozzarella.
  4. Cook on low for 6 hours. Turn of crock pot and allow to sit for 45 minutes in order for all the ingredients to come together.
  5. Serve and top with Parmesan. Enjoy!
  6. Simply swap out the veggies for cooked Italian sausage and raw spinach to make the other version!​​