Lemonade Pie

Cool, refreshing and not even remotely good for you, you can totally add any berries that you like and even substitute limeade or raspberry/strawberry lemonade concentrate!

Steak Quinoa Bowl

Talk about taste and versatility! I have made this recipe many times, with Taste of Arizona, Taco the Town, Christy’s Chile Lime and my SoCal Cilantro Lime. (Mix

Lemon Bars

A classic dessert made with simple ingredients, this one is always a crowd-pleaser!

Black Bean Brownies

A healthier spin on everyone’s fave, these brownies will leave you wanting more, and you’ll feel good serving them.  

Cilantro Black Beans

Serve this simple and delicious side dish with just about anything or add them to your favorite “bowl.”

Pizza Dip

Calling all Italian food lovers! This dip is sure to be a hit with anyone, anytime! Serve with toast rounds, pita chips, or just eat it right out

Turkey Taco Pizza Bread

Love tacos? How about pizza? Well then my friend, you are in luck! These two favorites combie together to create and unbeatbale dinner or party snack!


I love elote! It is so good, so easy, packed full of flavor and takes me back to my days living in Cuernavaca, Mexico! Serve it with my

Avocado Cilantro Dip


Top Nutrition Tips

Hey there friend! As a Certified Nutritionist, I am always asked for my top nutrition tips, so I thought I would share my top tips with you!  1-

Using Your Seasonings

***The BEST place to get usage ideas is on my Instagram page! My customers (and myself) are constantly sharing ideas within my newsfeed and “stories” section (just click


Hands up if you love gyros! How about tzatziki??? I can’t get enough of either and today I am sharing my simple tzatziki recipe with all of you!

Pork Milanese

Lemony, herby, zesty, juicy, this recipe is a winner!! Serve with a side of roasted fingerling potatoes and you have got one heck of an impressive meal! PRO

Green Chile Posole

Green chile posole is a staple in my home, and Posole in general is a staple throughout the Southwest and Mexico. Posole, which means “hominy”, is a traditional

Pulled Pork

4 ingredients and a crockpot, does it get any easier? Served as a sandwich, on top of a salad, with warm tortillas, this pulled pork will have you

Chia Seed Pudding

Kick your sweet tooth to the curb with this yummy recipe. Loaded with good fats and protein, you can also include it on a low carb day because

Dump Ranch

This recipe is an absolute necessity for my 2 low carb days every week , and it has become a favorite for many of my clients and customers.

Turkey Chili

Everyone LOVES this super easy to make Turkey Chili, and I am guessing you will too! Throw everything in a crockpot and just let it do its thing!

Chile Lime Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love good, flavorful, crispy chicken wings? Made with my Christy’s Chile Lime Seasoning, these will be a HUGE hit, I guarantee it!  (These are also phenomenal

Garlic Balsamic Ribs

This super simple, incredibly delicious recipe will be a huge hit with your whole family on your low carb days!  ***Macros and caloric info are also listed at

Foods to Avoid

Hey there friend! Today I want to talk to you about some of the foods you should really be avoiding, for a multitude of reasons. This is stuff I

Green Chile Posole

Green chile posole is a staple in my home, and Posole in general is a staple throughout the Southwest and Mexico. Posole, which means “hominy”, is a traditional